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The Crown Medical Orthotic (CMO) ‘Thermal Heat Moulding’ (THM) device is carefully crafted using premium Elastic Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EEVA), ensuring the highest quality. Our orthotic Laboratory conducts extensive design and testing, subjecting the product to numerous evaluations to deliver optimal outcomes for practitioners and patients alike. Thanks to THM technology, we have the capability to customize Crown Orthotics to suit each patient’s unique condition, incorporating appropriate external additions to accommodate their specific prescription requirements.

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The Crown Orthotics are designed to be manipulated to attract individual biomechanical condition.


Crown Orthotics are made to suit the patient’s individual biomechanical condition with options in length and firmness.


Many conditions, from Achilles Pain to growing pains to Sesamoiditis and more can be treated with Crown Orthotics.

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Invented by Dr Abbie Najjarine (podiatrist) with his Brother Adam Najjarine (foot orthotist). Dr Abbie Najjarine (known as Dr Abbie) has created and co-invented many orthotic devices, but believes this has been the superior of all products. With his 33 years of experience working in the biomechanical clinics and operating an Orthotic Laboratories since 1990, Dr Abbie with the help of Adam have created the first patented unique design orthotics that captures practitioner’s imagination in creating a specialized – customized individual patient orthotics that works with his unique Najjarine Biomechanical Assessment (NBA) system.


Dr Abbie Najjarine



Adam Najjarine

Foot Orthotist

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