Welcome to our website, where we introduce you to the exceptional features and benefits of Crown Medical Orthotics (CMO). We understand that each individual has their own unique biomechanical condition, and our orthotics are specifically designed to address these differences. Crown Medical Orthotics empower practitioners to customize and prescribe Orthotics based on each patient’s specific biomechanical needs.

One of the key advantages of our orthotics is the use of Elastic Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EEVA), a material with unparalleled qualities that set it apart from other orthotic devices. Unlike traditional EVA-only devices, our EEVA-based orthotics incorporate an elastic component that enhances “Rebound” and shock absorption capabilities. We recognize the impact of walking on hard surfaces and the forces exerted on our feet due to gravity and ground reaction. As Newton’s third law states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The design of Crown Orthotics includes various density options to cater to different individuals. Some people may experience greater medial arch collapse compared to others. By considering factors like the Foot Posture Index (FPI), we can provide patients with the appropriate density to align their foot position. Higher pronation necessitates stronger materials, while lower pronation requires less density.

Furthermore, our CMO assists practitioners in identifying the correct density not only based on biomechanical conditions but also considering the patient’s weight and the forces applied to the orthotics. For example, a patient weighing 90 kg with an FPI of +4 may require a medium-strength orthotic (Orange EEVA) that offers both elastic capabilities and adequate control for their weight and pronation. Similarly, a patient weighing 45 kg with an FPI of +12, indicating excessive pronation, may also benefit from a medium density CMO (Orange EEVA). On the other hand, a patient weighing 130 kg with an FPI of +8 would require a firm CMO (Blue EEVA). With experience, practitioners can confidently achieve successful outcomes using CMO.

Another distinctive feature is the high medial flange, specifically designed to control the foot during midstance of gait. This crucial area of the foot is often overlooked in conventional orthotic prescriptions. We encourage practitioners to record slow-motion videos of patients walking to observe the medial bulging of the Talonavicular joint during midstance to toe-off. This design enhancement has been incorporated into all density options of the CMO.

At our website, we provide comprehensive information and guidance on the unique qualities and benefits of Crown Orthotics. Discover how our innovative approach can support practitioners in delivering optimal orthotic solutions tailored to each patient’s biomechanical condition.